Win is One! & other February Highlights

Here I am, again, laughing at my over-estimation of what all I can accomplish with my time! Somehow this place always falls to the bottom of my to-do list, so we are going to put “how to adjust your goals” into practice, and aim for this to be more of a monthly newsletter. Bear with me as I figure out the categories, but think we’ll loosely follow Family, Me, “Home-Build Updates”, and “Things We’re Loving”.


We kicked off February with getting home and unpacked from vacation and celebrating WINRY’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Time continues to show me how much faster it can go, and what a whirlwind of a year we had with our sweet girl. We got to round off our family with #4, and what a joy it has been watching her and Ash grow.

Winry | 13 mo

walks great, can almost run

is an expert at the stairs

has 4 big ole teeth, working on numbers 5 and 6

her hair is starting to grow more, she is definitely a brunette

says mama, dada, hi, hello, night-night, that

-so not many words yet, but babbling more and more and waiting patiently, and she understands SO much of what you say to her

is definitely a momma’s girl, and still nursing more than I wish (as much as I want to be done done)

LOVES music, she is a dancer and a singer

HATES the car

gets super excited about baths and big bro

is THE BEST eater (I have some new favorite baby kitchen stuff I’ll put below)

and save for teething times, is the happiest little human

Asher | 3 1/2

newly OBSESSED with the Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Sunshine – he can be incredibly persistent, but it makes this momma’s heart happy how much he loves his quality time

starting to get *more* wild physically – for him, he’s still not the most energetic kiddo ever

is my little tender soul, I think once sis catches up a bit more in size she is going to be the boss

remembers EVERYTHING and can tell you about anything he wants and has such a fun imagination

& I’ve never been around little kids more than him, but he is SO SMART. blows my mind everyday with his reasoning

Nicole | 27

I also celebrated my birthday in February!

Am still trying to figure out an at-home schedule that I’m happy with that is ~the perfect mix~ of all the things

I am really wishing my cycle would come back, I’m thinking it won’t until I stop nursing completely, but I have been struggling with feeling myself and balancing everything that I want to.

Enjoying meeting and talking to you guys, working on potential collaborations, and really giving some of this social media stuff a go. & I am in conversations with a CMN charity – CMN: Caring Matters Now – and we are potentially going to be becoming more involved with their work!

In ~other~ family news… THEY’RE WORKING ON OUR HOUSE!!!


They dug a whole back in September or October, I can’t even remember now, but we got pushed around and back and then winter…. BUT they have finally been present and working. Footers have been poured, forms are up, and they could *hopefully* be pouring basement walls this week! We’ve already had to tweak some things, but I don’t anticipate having any other big changes going forward. Now that I can see progress being made, we can start moving on getting some things ordered or at least picked out to get choices crossed off out lists. We ordered and have in all of our windows that needed to be custom – 5 on the front of the house, and our back patio door, and last weekend we ordered our front door! The overall designs are a lot of black & white & modern lines. Here’s kind of a vision board for the overall vibe of the main level:

Downstairs will be a little more of a dark & comfy feel. And upstairs will be individual catering to the kids. I have lots of fun ideas for them. I’m going to let Asher be part of choosing the theme, but I want them to be a little upscaled (while still being fun of course!). Yesterday we talked about a gaming theme, so he might end up with a mini-gamer-boy room with some fun LEDs and characters.

For Winry, I’ve been seeing lots of birds/butterflies/tree kinds of situations that I’m liking. Light and airy – which I’m not realizing as I type is the exact opposite of Ash’s, but I think that’s fun! I’ve seen lots of DIY wall murals that I think I could swing and am pretty sure I want to try (and if it’s awful they make gorgeous wallpapers anymore).

what we’re loving

Winry is the best eater, but has learned about dropping things and loves to get to say “uh-ohh”. So these new plates and bowls have become a must for her. I also love their silverware.

I purchased these for Shan during a flash deal, but they are almost always on sale for $6-7 for SEVEN silicone rings. This is the first time he’s consistently wore a ring in 5 years.

I always get our diapers through Amazon Subscribe and Save so that they’re on a schedule and I get 15% off. I’m usually a Huggies mom, but they needed to substitute last month and we tried out this Mama Bear brand, and I am switching! $0.17/ct they are the cheapest I’ve found, and they’re wonderful! Very absorbant and no fragrance (a must for me).

I got to try out a pair of earbuds in exchange for a review, and I am loving these! I’d never had a pair before, but these are completely noise cancelling, and I’ve been loving them for entertainment while working on the house.

And last, I’m going to link in our Nintendo Switch that both of us and Asher love. If you didn’t grow up a gaming family, or have never tried out Nintendo, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! The games are so family friendly, and you don’t have to worry about online chatting like PlayStation and Xbox (not to say we don’t have a PS5 haha, but not for Ash man). [Mario, Spyro, Paw Patrol]

We’re also getting into Spring weather here and getting into all of our yard goodies. I’m going to make that its next own post – all the outside/spring/summer/Easter fun!

I told myself I’d get this posted today, so that’s all for now! For anyone new, welcome to our story! I’m glad you’re all here!


As always, as an Amazon associate, I am eligible for small commissions if you use my links!

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