Hello, Spring & Good Morning America!

These tiny tastes of warm weather have had my whole family ready to enjoy the beginning of Spring! I can already tell I’ve been in better moods lately, and I’m entirely convinced it’s thanks to us getting outside more often.

I thought I’d take a minute to share with you everything we’ve been dragging back out to enjoy so you and your kiddos can get out and have fun too! Lots of these would also make for great ideas if you do Easter gifts!

AND in other news – News news – we got to do an interview with Good Morning America! It’s supposed to be live on their site Thursday morning, and as soon as it is, I will link it here! 😁

Edit: Video is live! I want to start by saying Thank You, GMA, for wanting to highlight my daughter. I think positive representation is huge for the community! The interviewer was sweet, kind, and kept the overall feel of the story positive, and for that I am extremely grateful! I am excited for the exposure and reach this will have as we try to continue spreading our message of body positivity and acceptance.

Regardless, we are proud to be continuing to share her and help educate as much as we can, especially while she’s young. 💛

Until then, I’m going to keep this post short & sweet with a few pics and links below for happy playing!

Water Table | Kid Tools | Magnetic Fishing Set

Wide Shovels | Tractors | Sand Toys

Chalk | Bubble Mower

Bike | Wagon | Double Stroller

Kiddie Pool + Pea Gravel or Sand: using $3 bags of pea gravel in a $5 Walmart pool has been a huge win for us! I enjoy it so much more than a sandbox.

Adult Yard Faves

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Adirondack Chairs

Zero Gravity Chair Set

Happy Springtime! ☀️ 🐰 🌸

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