My Favorite Planners!

I just CANNOT get into electric planners – I have to have pen and paper. & I have been using a planner by Eren Condren since I got my wedding planner in 2016! Their Coiled Life Planners are my favorite, but they also have more streamlined styles if you want a smaller planner, and I just ordered my first Teacher Planner! I can’t wait to get it in and will add my review of it here!

My favorite part about the planners is that they’re customizable, and two years ago they came out with my favorite format yet – the hourly set-up! It has each day listed vertically by hour, and it is THE BEST! They do still have other formats, though, if you’re a creature of habit and like the old style.

FFFXEC10 will take $10 off your order, or if you sign up for emails you get 15% off!

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