Fall-la-la-la-la: Christmas in October

Christmas is 76 days away! That sounds like a while still, but I always think Fall goes by the fastest. I’ve been putting together an idea list for the kiddos for a bit now and thought I’d go ahead and share for those who are early shoppers! I like having ideas ahead of time so that I can watch for sales early, especially around Black Friday.

Ash and Win really have everything they could ever need, but it’s hard for me as a momma to not do anything. I heard a lot last year the idea of “want, need, wear, and read.” And I think it’s awesome! So that is how I’m going to organize these idea lists!

And no, I’m not buying allll these things for mine 😅. That being said, to each his own – if you’re someone who likes to go all out, DO IT! Or if your family usually does less, keep doing you! That’s the cool thing about growing up, you get to make your own traditions for the holiday!

I really like toys that encourage free play, independence, or some kind learning play – so there will be several items of that sort. I also am going to try include items that are already hits with my kids, as well as several small businesses – some of these you may need to get going on ordering if you want done in time!

(all blue words will link you straight to item!)



Hamster – okay so straight out the gate, I know this won’t go in everyone’s shopping carts, but I had to include Asher’s #1 want. He has been obssessed with watching “Hamster Maze” videos, and he talks about them almost daily. Shan thinks we want to wait until after we move to get him, but I think it’d be the best Christmas surprise ever. I already have its cage picked out.

Magnatiles – Ash loves any kind of building, and what kid isn’t fascinated by magnets (heck, I’ll have fun with these things!). I can’t believe we don’t have a set of these yet. Linking name-brand, but I’m going to try and find whatever is the most bang for your buck and will update when I do.

Weather Station – This has been on my list to buy or make for Asher ever since I saw this brand’s advertised on Instagram! Such a fun idea for little learners, and I especially love anything science related. We are getting one that comes in a Lovevery box (listed below), so I am going to see how it is before ordering this one.

Paw Patrol Video Game – I know not everyone loves video games for their kids, but my husband and I both grew up around them (and still play them). So we have no problem with them so long as we’re monitoring!

Himiku Blocks – this is something we already have that I think would be a great gift for any kid you’re shopping for! A “level-up” challenge-wise on blocks. They’re good for all kinds of independent play and fine tuning motor skills. NICOLE20 will give you 20% off!

Here is my Amazon master list for all things toddler fun.


With Ash not “needing” anything, this is random/educational things 🤷‍♀️

Lovevery PlayKit – we love Lovevery, and they recently released their playkits for older ages! They now have boxes for 3 year olds, and our first is in the mail now! “The Observer” box is what we picked first – it has several wooden toys to explore, a weather chart (SO SO happy about this item), and some books to aid in developing emotional intelligence.

Bedding Set – Ash has always just used our old comforters, but I thought this might be a fun “need”! There are tons to choose from, but some of my favorites are Space, Dinos, or this beautiful quilted Planes 😍. Do you let your kids pick their room decor? Or are you the designer?

Art Supplies – Ash loves any kind of crafts, this would be a fun idea for at home with your kiddo or to send to the babysitter’s! Dot Marker Activity Set. Learn to Paint Set.

Toothbrush – I’m intrigued by these U-shaped toothbrushes.

LingoKids or Noggin subscription – both of these are learning apps for your phone or tablets. We are parents who do allow screen-time anyways, but even more so when we’ve taken time to be selective with the apps. I think I’m going to ask one of the Mimis about one of these being Asher’s gift for the year! Lingo seems to be a super awesome learning tool, and Noggin has learning + episodes of Nick Jr. shows like Paw Patrol and Dora.


Snow Suit – we try to go outside even on cold and snowy days, so a good snow suit is a must!

Mittens – these were THE BEST last winter. Waterproof and cinch on nice an snug. Definitely helped us stay outside longer when we wanted to in the cold.

Snow Boots – These were also great. Good traction, easy on/off. Kept him dry and warm! These socks underneath were a big win too.

Spring Clothes – We bought big last year, so I think most of Ash’s winter clothes will still be good this year. So I think I’ll just need to get his new boots, and then going to look ahead for some light-weight & waterproof options! I found these adorable umbrella + raincoat options, and I know he’ll love the umbrella. They had Mickey, Frozen, & Paw Patrol to name a few!


A Little Spot of Emotion Box Set – I’m getting this for Ash for sure! Love books, and we have also tried to start early on talking about our feelings and being empathetic. This set has 8 books – happiness, anger, anxiety, sadness, love, peaceful, confidence, and scribble.

Able Fables Series – I absolutely love this series. It showcases children with different disabilities or conditions, and shows how they they are all capable and unique. #2 is about a lion who loves gymnastics and has a birthmark on her face. We have loved reading this series to Asher and having conversations with him about being unique.

Beginner Bible – We got this for Asher for Easter, and it is fantastic! Stories are short, sweet, accurate, and have adorable pictures on each page.

Nature Activity Book – A book like this is great if you’re looking for ideas of how to spend time outside. We try to get outside everyday, and this has some fun ideas to get kids’ minds going! It says 5-9 on it, but from the pages I’ve seen, it looks like it’d be easy to modify for younger kids, and you could reuse at the my get older!



Sew a Smile Doll – I’ll never forget my first few days with Winry, and I remember night 2 in the hospital, I was searching so hard online trying to find dolls with birthmarks. I wanted to find one doll she could have that looked like her. Probably a funny thing to worry about with a 2-day old, but I was determined! I’d about finally decided I would have to figure out a way to modify a doll myself, when I found this shop on Etsy. She has so many are customization options, but she is also going the extra mile and custom stitching a birthmark to match Win’s. 🥺🤎

Lovevery Stroller – I saw this last time we ordered, and I want it for Win and her doll! I think it’d be perfect for while she’s learning to walk and balance!

Lovevery PlayKit – like I said above, we adore these playkits! I’ll share Win’s next box when it comes in this month!


Diapers – Not the most fun gift if you’re buying as a parent, but I would always be thankful of anyone contributing to our diaper stash. Every parent is different, but I would rather be gifted something like this than random toys!

Lotions / Bath Supplies – Hello Bello is my FAVORITE! The perfect combo of clean and affordable.

Winter Gear – Technically a “wear”, but Win really doesn’t neeeeeed anything! So new winter coat + shoes will probably be her “need” (linking below).

My master list of “baby needs”!


Baby Snow SuitsOption 2

Velcro Wrap Boots – These are the best if your little one isn’t walking outside yet! They wrap as tight as you need so they stay put!


I LOVE, love books, so much they have their own page on my storefront. Some of the top ones include:

Little Red Barn (or 4 set is more bang for your buck) – one of the first books ever gifted to Ash, he still likes it now!

Super Rawr – Asher has always loved this one. Super bright pages, and a T-Rex.

Mommy Wishes – one of the prettiest books – also great gift for Mother’s Day!

Little Blue Truck – super fun rhyming and great for learning animal sounds.

& Cub’s First Summer – so sweet!

We also like the “That’s not my..” series by Usbourne. I usually order secondhand from ThriftBooks though, can usually get books for $4 or 5!

And there you have it! I hope that sparked some ideas to start your own lists, or filled some gaps if you’re already on it! I’ll probably have more ideas closer to time, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for sales.

Happy shopping!

x Nicole

I am an Amazon, Himiku, and Lovevery affiliate. As such, I am eligible for a small commission if my links are used!

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