Weekly Hall – Habits; Baby Teething & Skin Care; Fave Finds

Hi, howdy, hello, friends!

I missed last week, but wanted to make myself get on here to keep my semi-regular posting up! Online says 66 days makes a habit, I think I need to start making myself log on for like 5 minutes a day and test that out! Other habits I would like to get back going are my water intake and my casual reading (speaking it into existence now – I will finish this book, The Danish Way of Parenting, THIS MONTH). I started the year out strong, but since Win has been here, self-care has definitely has definitely took a hit.

I am obsessed with all things Danish. (I just don’t know how they deal with the cold 😅)

And after the last two weeks, momma is in need of some TLC. I got behind on college-work, both babes and I had some kind of summer cold, Winry is teething, and I am struggling figuring out her skincare. I mistakenly tried using coconut oil on her face after some suggestions and thinking that natural = good, but boy did I make her pores mad. Add in her snotty nose and teething pains, and she’s been (understandably) a little out of sorts. She has been loving her momma time, and I had been considering weaning soon, but I am very glad I hadn’t started yet. We have been using her teether feeder daily with frozen fruits to help her with her teeth, and I’m going to order these tiny ice cube trays to make some little fruit and breastmilk cubes for them (not gonna lie, I also want to try coffee creamer cubes 😋). And while Win would disagree, I am again SO THANKFUL for this electric nose sucker.

I think I’ve FINALLY about got her face cleared up too, after about two weeks 🙃. I’ve always given her skin more attention than Ash, but this has been extra extra. I saw best results when I’ve used this body wash by Young Living (email me if you want YL discount info). I also really like this Raw Sugar clean option from Target as a budget-friendly option. I wash her face twice daily with a washcloth or this face brush by Vanity Planet for a very gentle wash.

Part of my self-love this past week took on the form of shopping 🙃😂 I had some good finds for my teacher wardrobe that I’m pretty excited about.

Walmart hooked me up with a new cream sweater, a blush thermal, and black booties – bring on Fall!

I got this cute teacher tee from Etsy, and this custom tee from IG @_bayleemonroe. I can’t wait to get these all put together for fall looks. And breaking out my favorite hat I got at the end of last Fall.

In other news, our house is still “on schedule” to break ground mid-September (L O L, yes you read that right). SO, hopefully, any day now! 🤞🏼 I am so excited for the digging to start so that we can get a real timeframe going. First decisions coming up will be for the shell – windows, front door (I can’t wait to show you my ideas), and concrete stamping!

I hope everyone finishes out their week strong!

As always, thanks for following along, let me know what you wanna read next!

x Nicole

As an Amazon affiliate, I am eligible for commission on some of the links provided above.

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