Weekly Hall: football is back + anniversary + house news!

I hope everyone made it through the shortened work week, and have been enjoying this gorgeous weekend! We’re home from church and lunch, hopped into cozy clothes, and watching FOOTBALL! Go, Chargers! ⚡️

I’ve been getting my schedule re-figured out with the kids and school days, getting a groove going, but still need to sit down and plan out my time a bit better. Mornings could go more smoothly, and I’d like to try and prep for my week a little heavier on the weekends vs only after the kids are in bed. The school week went well, but I’m going to be taking on more and more, and I definitely have brushing up to do on content to feel prepared to communicate it effectively.

Kiddos update – Winry is getting faster and faster at crawling, and trying to pull up on things/squat up constantly! It is blowing my mind how fast she’s trying to catch up with big bro. I’ve been discouraged with her skincare, she’s got some clogged ducts that are just not wanting to clear up. So much trial and error. Ash man is getting smarter and more ornery – more three – everyday. I can definitely tell me being at school is a big adjustmeant for him – he is craving momma attention, and pushing boundaries in new ways. Trying to make sure I slow down and be as present with him as much as possible with our free time.

My husband and I had our FIVE year anniversary on Friday, it’s unreal how fast time goes. People keep telling us we made it through the worst part, which makes us chuckle, but if there’s any truth to that, then I can’t wait to see what the rest look like!

I’d say we’re right about where I pictured – still in love with our best friend, two kids, and getting ready to start building our dream home! My guess/hopes for another five:

another two kiddos

all settled in in our new home

(dreaming real big it’ll have chickens, a greenhouse, and a pumpkin patch)

driving a Kia Carnival or Telluride

teaching in my hometown

– all alongside a happy Shan.

(and hopefully still making it to Cancun for our annual mom + dad beach trip, counting down to January now!)

In other news, we are FINALLY at the cleaning + taking pictures stage of our rental house to get it on the market. I am so ready to get some showings going and hopefully under contract before too long!

And BIGGEST excitement, we may be breaking ground for our forever home this week!! 🙀 It’s unreal that we may be getting started so soon, and I can’t wait to share some of that process with you guys! You’ll have to let me know how much you want me to share! What do you want to know??

. . . . .

Products We’re Loving

Winry has been absolutely loving this Feeder/Teether Pacifier.

Asher loves watching his daddio and uncles play video games, but all we have are a bit too hard for him still. We saw this at Walmart the other day and he LIT up so big recognizing PacMan. It has been super fun letting him try, and momma’s had fun playing some DigDug 😂. It has like 6 different games.

Another one involving Ash – he was sooo overdue for a haircut. The last time Shan tried to take him to the salon was a massive failure, little man was so scared and would not let them cut 😅 So for under $30 I got this cordless hair clipper + guide combs set, and will be learning how to cut hair – working on that jack of all trades title for sure 😂. This was my third time ever cutting hair, and it’s getting easier! This set was great, and I especially loved not having a cord to get tangled up around a squirmy child.

I’ve been super pleased with how my planner has transitioned for me to include lesson planning details. I have used Eren Condren planners since I first used their wedding planner in 2016. My favorite style is their Life Planner! They also have teacher specific Lesson Planners that I may have to get for future years!

These mules have been my go to shoe so far this school year, and this is my favorite top I’ve had in a long time! I am loving the color, and I love shirts I can tuck.

And last, Shan has been loving a recent clothing haul from Target. The brand Goodfellow is his new favorite! He got several pairs of shorts and shirts that all have a great semi-fitted shape to them, and some of the softest materials!

. . . . .

I hope everyone with kiddos is getting back into the school groove, and that you’re enjoying the last of this summer weather. I hate thinking about getting closer to winter, but I’m very excited to be breaking out all my sweaters and boots and Fall decor.

Until next week, happy Sunday, & I hope your team is winning! (Unless you’re the Chiefs) 🏈 – Nicole

. . . . .

**Lots of the links are affiliate, and I am eligible to receive commission if used! I appreciate you shopping them, but I am a big believer in making sure you’re spending responsibly! If it’s not your spending season, don’t ever feel pressured to but! I’ll share what we’re loving regardless, but signed up for the programs I can to make it even a little more worth my time. Email or DM on IG for any questions, or if there’s anything else I can find for you! ☺️

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