Weekly Hall: Labor Day Weekend

Good morning afternoon! (these always take long to get together than I think!)

I hope everyone’s enjoying this long weekend, and I hope it’s been sunnier wherever you are! Yesterday was a gloomy day around here, but today is finally starting to feel like the perfect fall weather!

I’d like to try out having a weekly/every two weeks post, hitting any fun family highlights, projects we’re working on, or products that I’m loving (hopefully I can come up with a better name for these too 😅, comment below any ideas!). This way I can gather things better than loading up a bunch in stories! This week I’ve got Labor Day Sales, new products I’m loving, and a quick life update!


This weekend is big for sales, the ones that caught my eye are:

Native – 20% off

Maurices – 25% off

Abercrombie – up to 40% off

Old Navy – up to 60% off

Target – 20% off Men’s and Women’s clothing

H&M – 20% off everything

Products I’m Loving

I hadn’t been jeans shopping in forever, and I ended up loving three pairs! Two were by Kancan, and one was Maurices’ own brand! All are on Maurices’ site, and 25% off this weekend!

KanCan Skinny Mid Rise Ripped Hem

KanCan Straight High Rise Backed Ripped Ankle Jean

m jeans by maurices Classic Slim Boot Mid Rise

and their Classic Straight

Or here is KanCan USA if you prefer to see what they have on their site!

Size S

This dress from my Prime Wardrobe order.

These sneakers –Time and tru Classic Court – for an Adidas Grand Court dupe.

And combat boots! Again I have a budget pair vs higher quality pair. Time and tru black or white vs Doc Martens.


This week was my first full week of “work” away from the kiddos student teaching! My host teacher has been fantastic, already letting me lead one of the hours, and co-teach some others, as well as giving me lots of feedback.

The kiddos have been doing great during the extra time away, I’m so lucky that they are able to be with one of us, or one of our parents everyday, with my mother-in-law taking over a bulk of that time. They love their Mimi, and she used to teach preschool, so she has some of the coolest ideas for activities with Asher. Winry is crawling better everyday, and already starting to try and extend her legs and getting into squatting positions. I think she’ll be walking before Christmas! And for Asher news, I stopped and thought today – I can’t quite remember when his last accident was! I think we may just about be fully potty trained! 🙌🏼

Also this week, I got my first ever Prime Wardrobe shipment! I’d seen it as an option a lot, but never actually tried to figure it out, until now! You can select up to 8 items, order, receive, and try on – all without being charged! Once delivered, you have 7 days to decide to keep or return. If returning anything, you hop on the app, let them know what you’re sending back, repack, and drop off to mail!

Being that I was trying out several pairs of jeans, and unsure of my sizes, I was pretty positive I’d have several returns. So not being charged up front was a huge plus compared to normal Amazon ordering (especially when trying some pricier jeans + shoes — my order would have been over $400 😳). See below why returns are the best haha!

It was also our week to receive our monthly Subscribe and Save order! I have been loving this feature. I use it for our big, recurring buys – diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, dog and cat food, and several other household items.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you can start here with a 30 day free trial!

Weekday evenings and this weekend, my husband and I have been taking turns going over to our “rental“ property. Getting closer and closer to being able to list! All the big projects are done, basically all we have left is caulking and painting! If you know anyone in the area house hunting, 3bd 1ba coming soon!

Tonight we have our zoom fantasy football draft with Shannon’s best friends – getting so close to football!!

And I’m super excited that we still have tomorrow off together with the kiddos!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! 😊



As an Amazon Affiliate, I am eligible to commission off of qualifying purchases.

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