Lovevery Review

I’d seen Lovevery advertised some on social medias, and even seen some peers share online, but never pulled the trigger to try myself! I thought the products looked colorful, fun, and thoughtful, but the pricing made me hesitate. I’m always looking for a deal, and these seemed a little pricey for baby toys. 

Then we were so lucky to be gifted a set to try in exchange for feedback. We got to try two of their hits – The Play Gym and The 5-6mo Play Kit. 

The Play Gym 

I know I wouldn’t have bought this on my own as “we have one that’s perfectly fine”. After only a day of having it out though, this one is, to me, far superior. It would have been fantastic to have months ago with early tummy time, but even now at 6 months she is very interested in all the bright colors, patterns, and textures to discover.

There are 5 “zones” on the mat – textures, sounds, colors, hide & find, and an area to switch out high contrast cards or a mirror. It also comes with 3 different hanging toys. She’s able to kick at these from the ground, or sit up and bat and grab at them. They advertised it to be good for baby up to a year, and I can definitely see it getting a lot of use from us in the coming months as she continues to improve her sitting and crawling. 

I like that it sits up much taller than our other one, she can be completely underneath it when sitting. And it also came with a cover to make it kind of like a tent. If she’s anything like her brother was, she is going to love crawling in and out of her own hideout.

It’s price comes in at $140. The other play gym we had was $80. If I had neither and was going to buy, I’d pay the extra to get this one by Lovevery without hesitation. Baby approved, gorgeous, and high quality – I am sure this will last through all of our children!

The Play Kit

I am so smitten with this box. These are without a doubt now some of the coolest toys we own. Like the Play Gym, they are well made, durable, colorful, and extremely thoughtful. They really were chosen perfectly for her age! 

Inside our 5-6mo box was:

Spinning Rainbow – this is my favorite! Wooden, makes a pleasant noise as a ball rolls inside when spun, and perfect for a babe on her stomach or learning to sit!

Magic Tissue Box – This is another beautiful wooden piece. Nice rounded corners, strong magnets connecting the bottom, and just a really neat idea! The cloths each go through a slit into the next one to come out of the box just like a Kleenex! She hasn’t got to explore this too much without her big brother hovering. He gives it a 10/10; he won’t leave it alone! When he lets her participate she has enjoyed playing with the colored cloths – and like just about everything – she enjoys chewing on them, and it’s nice to know they’re safe material.

Ash had such a hard time not just doing all himself 😂

Play Socks – She loves these jingly socks, both on herself and her brother! He thinks they’re fun to put on and jingle just out of reach while she tries to catch him.

In case you were wondering, they also fit 3 year olds 🙃

Yummy Time Wobbler- This is so funny to watch her go after. It is perfect if your baby is starting to think about crawling. If they don’t grab it completely, it’ll scooch just a bit farther away and wobble enticingly. 

Rainbow Cotton Ball – This one hasn’t got a whole lot of love yet, kind of just in there. Cute enough, and I’m sure she’ll like chewing on it, or it will be fun when she’s big enough to roll it around. 

Parts of Me Book – Last was a super adorable board book. It’s a very chunky book that should hold up to some slobber. Pages are really bright, and they did an awesome job of showing a lot of diversity with the children inside! 

Looking through the other month sets, I will say, I don’t think they are all the same caliber. And I do believe these are more over priced than The Play Gym – $80 a kit. If they’re all as good quality as this set though, I would imagine them lasting through several kiddos. There are definitely a few others I’ll consider buying!

It all comes down to how much value you put on your children’s items, and the budget you have available. I do think there are a couple of them worth it, but I wouldn’t have personally subscribed to the whole first year. The play kits for 1+ years all look like even better products, but they take another price jump. I love the thought behind them, and really think they are great for meaningful play.

For my family, I see them as potential birthday or Christmas presents, or something to ask grandmas and grandpas for. 😉 

Happy playing! 🌈 

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