to my youngest:

My baby, you are here!! I’ve almost got to hold you in my arms at home for a whole week now, and it’s incredible how instantly you’ve fit right into the place we’d been holding for you.

Other than you both making me wait past 40 weeks, from the very start you’ve been a different experience from your brother.

Your brother was about as easy as I imagine a pregnancy could be; you had me sick for weeks (at least this time acid reflux = hair), and I worried much more.

I couldn’t do anything to get your brother to come out; you gave me and your daddy the experience of trying to guess when it was time for us to head in.

Delivering big brother landed me in unexpected surgery; you couldn’t have popped out more smoothly. Each gave their own fun spins to the recovery process, and I won’t pick favorites, but thank you so much for staying upside down.

The hospital stay with big bro was uneventful, and days were sprinkled with first visits with all our favorite people; our first days together had a mommy scare, lots of introductions and tests for you, and, thanks to COVID, no visitors.

Your brother HATED my boobs; you will not get off! And while I’m so excited to not pump constantly, we’re learning something entirely new together, and it’s not as easy as you’d think it should be (it’s actually not easy at all).

Since we’ve been home, though, almost nothing’s been different, save for the sweetest sibling that had been waiting so patiently to meet you. You’ve met all the same, best people. Greeted with balloons and flowers and cards. Our fridge is overflowing with food gifted with love. Snuggles all day long, and more co-sleeping than is “good for you”, because it’s hard for momma to leave you across the room yet.

And there’s much, much more to your story that I can’t wait to share with you when you’re older, my girl. (Maybe someday when you’re uncomfortable and tired at 40 weeks if you choose to have your own.)

But the most exciting part is now that you’re here, none of the differences make any difference. I have a brand new, little darling that I’ve fallen in love with every bit as much as my oldest. And that darling, my youngest, is you.

2 thoughts on “to my youngest:

  1. I just wanted to stop and send you a messages. And tell your daughter is beautiful. I have a birthmark just like her and when I saw her pictures it brought tears to my eyes . I don’t run in to many children to have a birthmark like me . I am 44 years old and have three children of my own . When growing up I was not sure if I should have children didn’t want them to grow up and have to hear other children talk about there mom all growing up but it has not been like that .. just think she is so precious

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    1. Thank you SO much for sharing!! This is a huge reason I love sharing her, I don’t want her to feel alone, and I want others to know they aren’t alone either! Congratulations on your family, three kiddos, what a blessing!! Big hugs from my family to yours!


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