weekly nothings & a new year


I am sorry to you and mad at myself for skipping 5 6 weeks of posting. I could easily use mom-ing and the holidays as excuses, – and really, pretty good ones at that – but I’d really like to make a go of this blog thing so I’m going to try and hold myself to a better standard. And as for you true friends of mine (or any lovely rando who has happened across me), I expect Tuesday or Wednesday check ins to see how my Thursday post is coming along.

I anticipate continuing on with “The Foreclosure” as my current main topic, but I’d like to sprinkle in some mom-life and insights to family life (both mother AND wife), along with occasional cooking, personal home improvement, and, excitingly, even just some of me – not momma me.. wife me.. ME!

I feel a lot of people, specifically women, and mothers especially, can easily lose their sense of self.. unable to describe themselves without their definition including a relationship to some other person in their lives. And I HATE that. I’d like to use this blog as an outlet to express myself. Words I’d typically come up would include independent, intelligent – decided to keep this “I” theme rolling haha – introverted, inquisitive..

I asked a few of people in my life for some words to use – I specifically asked them to not suck up to me too much, but I highly recommend this as an exercise if you’re ever feeling low – and ended up with another encouraging pool of words to equate myself to:

“Fun-loving, caring, competitive, smart, funny”


“Encouraging. Supporting. Goofy. Happy.”

“assertive, compassionate, outgoing, energetic, fun, smart”

“Intelligent. Strong willed. Daring. Independent. Clever. Compassionate. Diligent. Impartial. Loving. Intuitive. Stubborn. Practical. Sincere. BEAUTIFUL. Adventurous. FUN AF”

MORE than enough thoughtful synonyms to boost my confidence to go out and conquer anything, least of all a blog. I dare you all to do something that makes you as uncomfortable as me sharing my thoughts to you. What makes you nervous? Excited? Do it.

For this new year, my goal is to post weekly on Thursdays. Other goals for the year include finishing the foreclosure, try new recipes, becoming a more organized, tidy person, fall back in love with reading, and getting back into pre-baby pre-college shape.

So lots on the agenda for 2019. I hope you stay tuned! Eyes out for a weekly something, if nothing more than weekly nothings about a competitive wife and clever mom.

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Thursday 1/52 ✔️

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